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These questions will help let you know if you are getting carpet cleaning service from a specialist. Space is provided for you to take notes as you shop. Simply print a few copies of this form and keep them handy. 

1. Is the person who would be cleaning my carpets have over 20 years experience with cleaning carpets?

2. Is hand spotting automatically included everywhere where it is needed?

3. Do you need to dump dirty water in my home or use my electricity?

4. Do you include pre-treatment of ALL areas or only high traffic areas?

5. Do you use the truck mounted hot water extraction method? (Carpet manufacturer’s recommend this form of cleaning carpets above ALL others.)

6. Is your cleaning business owner operated?

7. Do you need to bring bulky equipment into my home or just hoses and a cleaning wand?

8. Do you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

9. Do you charge for light furniture moving?

10. Is your quote the final exact price? What additional charges may be incurred once you are in my home?

After you have assembled your answers, call Butler Carpet Cleaning for quality and up front fair pricing with no surprises. No fake discounts, just honest high quality cleaning for over 25 years.

Call now for a FREE no obligation consultation at (203) 847-7424 or by email: butl21@butlercarpetcleaning.com, or We can call you!