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Owner operated Butler Carpet Cleaning provides professional carpet and upholstery cleaning for homes, businesses, cars and boats. We are based in Norwalk, CT.      

Call now for a FREE no obligation consultation at (203) 847-7424 or by email: butl21@butlercarpetcleaning.com, or We can call you!

We use the truck mounted hot water extraction method of cleaning your carpet (commonly referred to as steam cleaning). That's the process recommended by carpet manufacturers. With the power of truck mounted equipment, we have the optimum capability to get the best cleaning. Coupled with our exclusive bio-degradable low ph cleaning agents, we get your carpet as clean as it can be with no residue left behind!

We never use your water or electricity! Everything runs from our truck. We will never hook up to your water or inconvenience you by dumping dirty water at your home. Our fresh water is in a 110 gallon tank on our truck and the dirty water goes in a separate tank that we later dump at the local waste water plant. WE NEVER ASK where the nearest plug is, where to hook up to your water, or where dirty water can be dumped. 

No bulky noisy equipment dragged in: The only thing that comes into your home are the 2 hoses running from the truck attached to the cleaning wand. We won't bring noisy and bulky equipment into your home. The whole process is quick, painless, and affordable!

We leave you feeling confident that by choosing Butler Carpet Cleaning you made the right choice; not only for your carpet and upholstery - but for you and your family!

Call now for a FREE no obligation consultation at (203) 847-7424 or by email: butl21@carpetcleaning.comWe can call you!

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